Exhaust Filters

P15 – Passenger Cars

Auto Extract Systems P15 exhaust particulate filters should be included as personnel safety equipment for those who work with cars or light vans (diesel or petrol) that are started or driven indoors on short journeys. The exhaust particulate filters are easy to fit directly on a vehicle’s exhaust pipe and are effective immediately when the engine starts. These types of filters are relatively inexpensive, can be used on the majority of exhaust pipes and have greater than 99% efficiency to remove the dust from the exhaust gas.

L20 – Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Auto Extract Systems L20 exhaust particulate filters are designed for indoor use for temporary driving of trucks, buses & trucks. These are ideal for the multiuse of different vehicles using the same filter assembly. A tube is pressed into the exhaust pipe and the bag covers over the outer diameter of the pipe and a flexible clip takes the rest of the fume into the filter area. These filters allow particle separation of up to 99% at greater than 99% efficiency. Maximum engine size for the standard L20 is up to 14L at tick over and up to 30L for our double L20. Our L20 range is available for hire or purchase.

Ht Range – Heavy Commercial & Plant

Auto Extract Systems HT range of exhaust particulate filters are designed for temporary or permanent installation on forklifts, heavy vehicles and industrial plant, generators, cranes and equipment for moving vehicles within confined or internal areas where the installation of a fixed vehicle exhaust extraction system is inappropriate or financially unrealistic. The filter is positioned in-line of the vehicle exhaust capturing the fume and dust in a specially formulated exhaust fume filter. We have various options available including the HT10, HT20 and HT35

Pf Range – Heavy Commercial & Plant

Auto Extract Systems PF range of exhaust particle filters and catalysts reduce diesel particles by at least 95%. Depending on the exhaust temperature the CO and the HC gases are reduced by between 80% and 90%. PF filters automatically regenerate when the correct temperature is reached. With the additive the regeneration starts from 300°C instead of 420°C. The filter burns off during normal operation. The additive can be delivered via automatic on board dosing or manual bulk dosing. The exhaust temperature must measure over 300°C for the filter to operate. The maintenance intervals for the filter can be up to 1500 hours depending on factors such as, fuel quality, oil consumption, engine condition and type of additive.